What our Clients have to say….

“When I started therapy I could not move my arm more than a few inches. The Physioclinic provided the exercises and encouragement to help gain mobility in my arm and shoulder. I appreciate all the help they provided which includes answering all my questions and addressing my concerns. I feel it is important to the patients to remember that they must put forth the effort needed at home to enable the results to be achieved. Thanks again for all of your help.”
– T.B.

“When I came to The Physioclinic, I was in extreme pain and not very mobile. Since then I’ve been able to continue working, and I am more confident in my work duties. The Physioclinic staff have done more for me than all the healthcare professionals put together. I’m truly grateful for her taking the time to explain my injury and treat me like a person.”
– S.M.

“Mike and his staff are great! They really care about their patients, which help when you are recovering from an injury. Nowadays in the work world it’s in and out and not really caring – this is NOT how it works with The Physioclinic. I would truly recommend them to anyone.”
– W.T.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave me for my left wrist. As in my other illnesses your treatment, flexibility and willingness to bend to my schedule were above and beyond the expected. By the time I left I felt like family.”
– J.W.

“When I came to The Physioclinic I was pretty discouraged and worn out from my chronic pain due to a shoulder injury. I was greeted by a friendly and concerned staff that set me on the road to a speedy recovery. I am grateful for the care and concern that was shown [to] me as well as the education about how to keep my injured shoulder strong and healthy. Thank you!”
– J.O.

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