CEO Profile

“The Physioclinic’s 20 years of success is firmly built upon the quality and commitment of our employees.

Their dedication and level of expertise allows us to be leaders in the healthcare industry, and recognized throughout Canada, delivering an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction while delivering quantifiable results.

On behalf of all The Physioclinic team, I would like to thank you our clients, for recognizing our high level of service, expertise and commitment to getting you all back in the game of life!” – Mike Sutton CEO

Mike Sutton - giving a thumbs up with The Physioclinic sign in handMike Sutton - Top of Mount Everest holding a sign reading "The Physioclinic"The first Physioclinic location was in Dalhousie University and the network has now expanded to include multiple locations in Metro, South Shore, Truro and Pictou, making it the largest privately owned network in Canada. As a physiotherapist, Mike has achieved the highest standards of education in his field of Sports Medicine and in Orthopaedics and was only the second person in Canada to have achieved those credentials.

He has traveled around the world, for the Commonwealth and Olympic Games treating elite athletes in the quest for adventure. Mike has always lived life to the fullest, taking advantage of opportunities when they arise, or making them happen.

He has climbed the highest peak on three different continents, and was invited to join an expedition to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. On May 10th, 1993 at 12:15 pm, he sat on top of the highest point on the planet. On his return to Canada, Mike has enjoyed an opportunity to tell his story, to motivate people of all ages to realize their dreams.

Mike also travels around Atlantic Canada sharing his experiences through a motivational presentation which emphasizes the importance of teamwork, realistic goal setting, planning which will be on a background of exhilarating slides from his expedition.